• Danielle Bailey, CSAMP

Four Benefits of Massage for Adult Dogs & Puppies

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

I tend to focus many posts here on seniors, but younger animals also benefit from therapeutic massage. Whether your dog is an active, athletic young adult, or a growing puppy, massage can work out those aches and pains and may even help prevent future injuries from occurring.

The infographic above lists just four benefits of massage for your growing pup, but there are several additional reasons to consider massage therapy.

Is your dog fearful of loud noises on the Fourth of July or New Year's Eve? Have you moved recently or are you planning to move in the near future? Massage can help release muscle tension following stressful events, and can even promote relaxation leading up to these events which can make the overall experience far less worrisome for your pet.

Planning a road trip or vacation with your pets? Massage can be a fantastic calming technique for an anxious dog, and is recommended both before and after extended travel.

If you are interested in massage for your older dog or cat, check out this previous blog post on how massage can help your senior pet feel their best.

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